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Managing a big Telegram group can be a daunting chore, but do not worry! Introducing TeleGroupBot, your all-in-one solution for seamless and automated Telegram group management. Our intelligent bot will replace manual duties with an engaged and well-organized community. TeleGroupBot was created with efficiency and comfort in mind, reinventing the way you manage your Telegram groups. Whether you’re a community manager, a business owner, a social influencer, or anybody looking to improve their group’s performance, this powerful tool is designed to fulfill your every requirement.

Empower Your Group Management Efforts

TeleGroupBot empowers group admins by automating a variety of chores, freeing up critical time to focus on building a strong community. TeleGroupBot streamlines group management responsibilities by providing comprehensive message filtering, keyword surveillance, service message management, and other capabilities, allowing administrators to focus on meaningful interactions and community growth.

Privacy and Security at the Core

Rest assured that your group’s privacy and security are our top priorities. TeleGroupBot follows Telegram’s principles, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all members. With strict privacy safeguards in place, you can rely on TeleGroupBot to protect your group from unwanted invasions and maintain confidentiality.

Customizable to Suit Your Group

TeleGroupBot is a versatile bot that adjusts to your group’s specific requirements. Customize its behavior, answers, and permissions to best match your community’s preferences. Whether you need to create specific message filters, add new member limitations, or schedule messages for opportune announcements, TeleGroupBot provides flexibility and customization choices to meet your needs.


1. Advanced Message Filtering

  • Filter Member Messages: Automatically filter messages to keep the group discussion clean and relevant.
  • Filter Forwarded Messages: To streamline conversations, remove any forwarded messages that include media or links.

2. Keyword Surveillance

  • Censor terms: Keep your group atmosphere respectable by automatically eliminating messages using specific censor terms.

3. Service Message Management

  • Control Group Notifications: Choose whether to keep or delete service messages like “user joined the group” or “user left the group.”

4. New Members Restriction

  • Set New Member Restrictions: Decide how long new members will be restricted upon joining the group.

5. Scheduled Messages

  • Plan and Schedule: Pre-schedule messages to keep your group members informed about upcoming events, announcements, and activities.

6. Members Activity Insight

  • Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into member activity and engagement patterns within your group.

7. Group Subscriber Ban and Mute

  • Manage Subscribers: Efficiently ban or mute problematic subscribers to maintain group harmony.

TeleGroupBot makes it easier to manage your Telegram group than ever before. Experience the convenience of automated group management and maximize the possibilities of your community. Try TeleGroupBot today and bring your Telegram group to new levels of efficiency and engagement!

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