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In today’s digital landscape, maintaining the security of your WordPress website is critical. With over 90,000 hacker attacks on WordPress sites every minute worldwide, the importance of strong security measures cannot be emphasised. This is where Hide My WP Ghost comes in, providing a powerful but user-friendly solution to protect your website against harmful threats.

Hide My WP Ghost is a top WordPress security plugin, trusted by over 200,000 websites worldwide. Its efficiency is clear, with over 8,000,000 brute force attacks prevented and more than 140,000 monthly hacks foiled. What distinguishes Hide My WP Ghost is its ability to improve website security without physically modifying any directories or files, resulting in seamless integration and SEO integrity.

Key Features:

The plugin includes an incredible list of functions aimed to thoroughly protect your WordPress site. This includes:

  • Protect Your WordPress Admin Area: Safeguarding the WordPress admin area is critical for properly preventing typical security attacks.
  • Change and Hide Common Paths: HMWP Ghost conceals and modifies common WordPress paths, plugins, and theme paths to provide strong security against hacker bot attacks.
  • Brute Force Attack Protection: Protect yourself from brute force attacks by hiding. My WP Ghost protects against brute force attacks, which entail repeatedly attempting to breach a website using different password combinations.
  • SQL Injection Protection: The plugin includes filters and security layers to protect against script and SQL injection, brute force attacks, XML-RPC assaults, and more.
  • XML-RPC Protection: XML-RPC provides a security risk due to brute force attacks. Hide To prevent this risk, WP Ghost lets you to disable the XML-RPC capability and block access.
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Protection: Hide My WP Ghost improves website security by including security headers that protect against threats such as Cross-Site Scripting.
  • URL Mapping and Text Mapping: If URLs in the source code betray plugin names despite changing common paths, Hide My WP Ghost allows you to change these URLs for increased protection.
  • Website Security Check: Hide My WP Ghost performs over 35 security tasks to detect potential breaches, offering a full list of vulnerabilities and remedy recommendations.
  • Users Activity Log: This log records all key actions taken on your WordPress site, providing valuable information for boosting security and effectively monitoring site activity.

Enhanced Protection:

Hide My WP Ghost goes above and above, providing additional layers of protection to secure your website:

  1. Brute Force Protection: Use advanced CAPTCHA methods, such as Google reCAPTCHA, to successfully prevent brute-force attacks.
  2. Disable Options: To prevent unauthorised access and operations, disable capabilities such as REST API access, XML-RPC access, and more.
  3. Mapping Text and URLs: To successfully disguise sensitive information, customise URLs and classes with mapping functionality.

Hide My WP Ghost Compatibility

The plugin works with a variety of servers and hosting services, including WordPress Multisite, Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, and IIS. Furthermore, it works smoothly with popular plugins and themes, delivering a smooth user experience.

With the ever-present fear of cyber attacks looming large, protecting your WordPress website is not only prudent; it is critical. Hide My WP Ghost is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for efficiently fortifying your website’s defences. This plugin helps website owners to confidently protect their online assets by masking common pathways and adopting tough security measures.

Do not leave your website open to cyberattacks. Take proactive actions to improve your WordPress security today with Hide My WP Ghost, the most user-friendly WordPress security plugin on the market.

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