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Are you looking to make your WooCommerce business an excellent online shopping destination? Look no further than ShopLentor Pro, the definitive WooCommerce Page Builder Elementor Addon that will propel your store to new heights. With a few clicks, you can create a magnificent and professional online store that seamlessly engages your customers.

WooLentor / ShopLentor Pro Features

ShopLentor Pro redefines the WooCommerce experience with a myriad of exceptional features designed to revolutionize your store’s functionality and aesthetics:

  1. WooCommerce Page Builder: Easily create personalised Shop, Cart, Checkout, and other important WooCommerce pages with an intuitive and user-friendly page builder.
  2. Horizontal / Vertical Filter: You have complete control over product filtering options, showing them horizontally or vertically and customising designs and layouts to match your brand’s distinctive personality.
  3. Individual Archive Page Builder: Customise archive page layouts for certain product categories to improve the display and organisation of your different offers.
  4. Sales Notification: Create a sense of urgency and trust by engaging customers with live and visually appealing sales notifications or popups displaying real or customised orders.
  5. Call for Price and Suggest Price: Allow clients to inquire about prices over the phone or suggest their ideal price, increasing conversation and facilitating customer engagement.
  6. Special Day Offer: Use eye-catching banners to highlight special deals or discounts for events like as Black Friday, Christmas, and more, hence increasing sales and consumer engagement.
  7. Checkout Page Customisation: Easily customise the appearance and form fields of your Checkout page using WooLentor’s intuitive widgets, delivering a seamless and branded customer experience.
  8. Sales Countdown Timer: Create a sense of urgency by including countdown timers that tell clients about the limited time for unique sales deals, resulting in increased conversions.
  9. Sticky Add to Cart: Improve the user experience by including a persistent “Add to Cart” button on product pages, which will remain visible even as users scroll, promoting spontaneous purchases.
  10. AJAX Product Search: Provide clients with an intuitive AJAX search bar that offers instant live search suggestions while they look for specific products, hence optimising their shopping experience.
  11. Stock Progress Bar: Using a progress bar, show the quantity of ordered and available products, promoting transparency and urgency to stimulate faster purchasing.
  12. Rename Label & Product QR Code: Easily customise labels and button texts across all WooCommerce pages, while QR codes make it easier to add products to carts using smartphones.

Incorporating ShopLentor Pro into your WooCommerce site gives you unique features for improving user experience, increasing sales, and standing out in the competitive online retail scene. Unlock your store’s full potential with ShopLentor Pro today!

Remember that a smooth integration of ShopLentor Pro offers not only an amazing shop, but also a competitive advantage in the digital marketplace. Improve your WooCommerce experience now!

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