Dokan Pro – Multivendor Marketplace Plugin

In the continually changing eCommerce industry, entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new methods to use technology to develop and grow their online enterprises. Enter Dokan Pro, a game-changing WordPress plugin created by WordPress users and for WordPress users. This unique plugin allows users to enter the world of entrepreneurship by easily constructing their own multi-vendor marketplace.

Unparalleled frontend experience

With its best-in-class frontend dashboard, Dokan Pro elevates the user experience significantly. Vendors have complete functionality, controlling their stores directly from the frontend interface. This simple approach avoids the need for complicated backend navigation, allowing vendors to focus on what matters most: their company.

Effortless configuration, no coding required

Gone are the days of complicated coding and technical difficulties. Dokan Pro provides the simplest configuration choices, allowing customers to easily create and customise their marketplace. With Dokan, you have the ability to make your vision a reality without having to learn coding.

Compatibility is at its core

One of Dokan Pro’s noteworthy advantages is its ability to work with any WooCommerce theme. Whether you want a sleek, minimalist design or a vivid, eye-catching layout, Dokan integrates effortlessly with your selected theme, providing a consistent visual experience for both suppliers and customers.

Plugin Features

  • Independent Stores for Each Vendor: Dokan, like global eCommerce giants Shopify and Amazon, provides sellers with customisable storefronts that cultivate brand originality and increase customer engagement.
  • Seamless Shipping Management: Say goodbye to shipping problems. Dokan provides suppliers with complete shipping management features, such as zone-based shipping and connectivity with popular systems like ShipStation.
  • Streamlined Withdrawal System: Vendors can quickly request withdrawals directly from the frontend dashboard, which includes customisable options such as withdrawal restrictions and payment channels, providing a smooth financial experience.
  • Dynamic Coupon Management: Dokan’s straightforward coupon management solution allows retailers to easily create and manage coupons, giving them control over their discounts.
  • Robust Product Reviews: Product reviews can help you build customer trust and credibility, increase the value of your marketplace’s brand, and cultivate a vibrant community of delighted buyers.
  • Ultimate Customer Experience: Dokan Pro goes above and above to provide customers with a flawless purchasing experience by including features such as email notifications, Ajax live search, and geolocation services.
  • Comprehensive support and regular updates.: With Dokan Pro, you’ll never be alone on your eCommerce adventure. Benefit from 24-hour support from a dedicated team of professionals, as well as regular upgrades and bug fixes to continuously improve your Dokan experience.
  • Compatible Plugins and Themes: Dokan Pro is compatible with over 140 plugins and themes, including major ones like WooCommerce, FedEx, UPS, PayPal, Stripe, and many more. Upgrade your marketplace with premium modules designed to boost your business performance.


In a digital age where eCommerce reigns supreme, Dokan Pro appears as the ideal answer for both ambitious entrepreneurs and established businesses. Dokan Pro, with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and constant support, is paving the way for eCommerce success one storefront at a time. Dokan Pro represents the future of online marketplaces, where entrepreneurship meets innovation.

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