6amMart Multi-vendor Delivery App with Admin Panel & Website

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline your multi-vendor delivery services? Look no farther than 6amMart NULLED, the ideal multi-vendor food, grocery, eCommerce, parcel, pharmacy, and product delivery system built with Laravel and the Flutter Framework.

Overview of 6amMart’s Key Features:

  1. Map-Based Coverage Area Configuration: Use the admin panel’s map drawing tool to accurately outline coverage zones. Add stores to certain zones to ensure that only users inside that coverage can place orders.
  2. System Modules for Various Delivery Needs:6amMart’s operations are organized into system modules to accommodate a variety of delivery requirements, allowing for adaptation to diverse business models.
  3. Multi-vendor Support and Store Management: With multi-vendor support, you can easily add an unlimited number of stores. The admin panel makes it easier to administer your store.
  4. Integrated SMS OTP Verification: Use integrated SMS gateways to ensure safe user verification, resulting in a more efficient verification procedure for users.
  5. Item and Order Management Capabilities: Take control of the entire item section by managing categories, subcategories, attributes, addons, units, and more. Advanced order and dispatch management tools allow you to manage orders more efficiently.
  6. Dedicated Delivery Men applications: Manage delivery staff seamlessly with dedicated applications for receiving and delivering orders, allowing for more flexible employment models.
  7. Robust Marketing Tools: Use the comprehensive admin panel tools for marketing campaigns, banners, coupons, and push alerts to promote speedy business growth.
  8. Financial Reporting and data: The dashboard provides detailed data and reporting that can help you understand your company’s cash flow and financial status.
  9. Employee Management and Business Settings: Easily create and manage employee roles with specific areas on both the admin and store panels. Customize company settings to meet your specific requirements.
  10. Source code for user applications and several payment gateways: Access the whole source code for 6amMart’s Flutter-powered mobile and web apps. Use integrated major payment gateways to jumpstart your business quickly.


Incorporating 6amMart into your multi-vendor delivery environment provides you with a robust, feature-rich platform that streamlines operations, improves user experience, and speeds up business growth. Its seamless combination of Laravel and Flutter Framework assures dependability, scalability, and adaptability, making it the ideal alternative for enterprises seeking operational excellence and growth.

Accept the power of 6amMart today to transform your delivery-based firm and stay ahead in this dynamic and competitive market scene. With 6amMart NULLED, you can unlock the potential for effective delivery management, a better user experience, and faster business growth.

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